Global Classroom Skills Course

In the Global Classroom, teachers use video conferences to teach students who are physically located in another room. The teacher can have students in his/her own classroom at the same time. The classrooms are linked with professional equipment for video conferencing. Teacher and students are also able to make presentations in both classrooms at the same time. The Global Classroom creates a new technological framework that offers the teacher both new opportunities and some limitations, but the teachers need to improve their skills in terms of the new learning environment and educational tools. Teachers must also be able to operate the equipment and introduce students to the practical elements involved in the Global Classroom.


The prerequisites for participation in the skills development course are that the school has acquired or is considering acquisition of professional equipment for teaching via video conferencing. The course is not suitable for participants using video conferences in smaller groups or one-to-one solutions such as Skype or Google+. Preferably, participants should bring a laptop with Internet access.

Contents of the skills development course

The course includes preparation and four elements for the participants. The preparation phase (1 + 2) can take place virtually.

  1. Interview with the school management and preparation together with the IT staff at the school. The purpose is to create the most appropriate technical framework and contents.
  2. Introduction for the participants and feedback for the instructors. The introduction includes a brief video presentation and an overview of the skills development course. Feedback from participants is provided via an online questionnaire. PITEX creates a blog or similar for communication with the participants.
  3. Two-day course at the school. Introduction to the basic functions and principles of live distance learning and training based on the needs of the participants. After completing the course, the participants will receive diplomas.
  4. Homework for the participants. The assignment involves preparation and testing of the teaching process via video conferencing either with one’s own students or with a group put together for the occasion, e.g. other participants from the skills development course.
  5. Evaluation through an online questionnaire and a meeting with the school management and PITEX.

The participants will need approx. one hour for preparation prior to the first day of the course. After the second day, participants need to use approx. one day to complete their homework and the evaluation.

Goal of the teachers’ skills development course

When the participants have completed the four elements, they have the skills required to:

  • Develop educational strategies for teaching in the Global Classroom
  • Teach in the Global Classroom
  • Handle any challenges that may arise in the Global Classroom
  • Operate the technical equipment in the Global Classroom
  • Develop strategies to use Learning Management Systems (LMS) and software for virtual cooperation in the Global Classroom
  • Instruct the students in using the Global Classroom
  • Develop rules for the learning environment in the Global Classroom

 Price for the skills development course

Travel costs and fees for the instructors are sponsored by Region Zealand as part of the promotion of international relations. This sponsorship applies until the end of 2015 at which time the skills development courses must be settled at the current market price.

The school covers costs for the premises, including any expenses for Internet connection, equipment for video conferences, and meals and materials for the participants.

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